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What Is a Viral Infection ?

A viral infection is the proliferating of a harmful virus within the body. The virus cannot reproduce without the aid of the host. The virus infects a host by inserting their genetic material into cells, and  the cell's internal machinery, causing it to produce larger virus particle. In the case of an active virus infection the virus creates copies of itself, and then explodes in the cells of the hosts (killing its host cells) to release the newly formed viral particles loose. In other situations viruses "bud" off the host cell over a long period of time, before taking out the host cells. In either case, the new virus particles become released to infect different cells. The symptoms of viral illness are a result of the destruction of tissues, cell damage and an associated immune response.

Certain viruses, such as those that cause chickenpox or  could not be active as well as "latent" after the initial infection. As an example, you might suffer from a cold sore which develops, and then heals. The virus that causes cold sores remains within your cells, but they are in a state of dormancy. In the future, triggers such as sun, stress or another trigger could trigger the virus again and cause new symptoms. The virus creates many replicas, produces new virus particles and kills more host cells.

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